Want a Generator? Why You Should Consider One That Uses Natural Gas

3ba9296f-1232-43a6-a388-6dc4a9e06826Do you live in an area of Michigan that frequently has power outages? If so, you may be looking into getting a generator that will help give you power during those tough times without electricity. With there being so many options, you may be debating between getting a portable generator that requires gasoline to run or a whole-home system that runs off of natural gas. Here are some reasons to use a natural gas model over a portable unit that uses gasoline.

The Generator Has Continuous Power

If you get a gasoline powered generator, it will certainly meet all of the minimum requirements you need in a generator. However, you’ll need to make sure you have enough gasoline on hand for the generator to run continuously.

The biggest problem that homeowners have is ensuring that they have the gasoline they need. In a power outage, it is not as simple as going down to the local gas station to get more gasoline, which could also be without power. You could find yourself with a generator capable of powering your home but with no fuel to run it.

A natural gas generator will have a continuous source of power to keep it running. Since natural gas will continue to flow even if there is no electricity in your home, it makes it the perfect choice for the fuel source for your generator.

The Generator Activates Automatically

Another problem with small gasoline power generators is that it requires a fair amount of work to get the generator running. Since it is portable, you need to take it out of storage and hook it up to your home’s electrical system. All of this may need to happen during a bad storm as well, making for an unenjoyably experience. You’ll also face downtime until you do everything you need to hook up the generator.

A natural gas generator will turn on automatically when the power goes out. There will be a slight interruption in your electricity for the generator to start up, but you should not need to do much to get your emergency power working. This fast startup time means that your essential utilities will continue to run, even if you’re not at home when your electricity goes out.

The Generator Can Power As Much of Your Home As Necessary

Natural gas generators come in all sizes to meet the needs of your home. Some people prefer to have a generator that just powers their essentials, such as the HVAC system, refrigerator, and sump pump, which will require an 8.3 kW generator to start up and run. Others prefer to power their entire home so that it does not even seem like the power is off. If you are the type of person that does not like to make compromises when you lose electricity, know that you can get the kind of generator that will be perfect for your needs.

The Generator Runs With Minimal Noise

A common complaint with gasoline powered generators is that they are loud. When the power is off for the neighborhood, your neighbors will be sure to hear that you have a gasoline powered generator running throughout the night. If this is a concern to you, know that a natural gas powered generator will not be nearly as loud when it is running. This means that you can keep the generator running overnight and not worry about the loud sound keeping you or your neighbors awake.

The process of selecting, purchasing, and installing a generator can be complicated. For assistance, know that a company like Oak Electric can help take care of everything for you.

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