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Best Boilers for Home Heating

Whether you have a gas-fired or oil-fired water boiler, we’ll help you choose the best model from the Lennox lineup, for quiet, even radiant heat throughout your home.

The GWM-IE Boiler—This high-efficiency gas-fired water boiler delivers up to 40% greater efficiency than conventional boilers. You use only the energy necessary to keep you comfortable.

Innovative materials mean better performance

Lennox builds boilers to stand the test of time, which is why you’ll find components like cast-iron heat exchangers and titanium burners. Warmth feels even better when you know it’s going to last.

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Navien 95% High Efficiency Boilers

As the leader in condensing technology, Navien reinvented the water 2020 heating industry with the award-winning NPE tankless water heaters and the NCB-E combi-boilers. Navien’s tradition of innovation continues with the NHB series high efficiency condensing boilers. All NHB boilers have Navien’s advanced burner system, an AFUE of 95.0% and industry-leading turndown ratios up to 15:1. The NHB boiler is available in four sizes: 55 MBH, 80 MBH, 110 MBH and 150 MBH.

Space Saving: The sleek wall-hung design uses much less space than traditional floor standing boilers.

The smart integrated control provides industry-leading options and features in the boiler operation parameters, including:

  • Adjustable heat capacity
  • A timed hydronic supply water boost feature
  • Adjustable anti-cycle timer
  •  Freeze protection
  • Pressure LWCO with manual reset
  • Adjustable minimum burner time setting
  • Adjustable turndown ratio timing
  • Outdoor reset and domestic hot water priority
  • Adjustable outdoor temperature reset curves
  • Field gas convertible

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