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Why you should choose an automatic standby backup generator vs. a portable generator…

The Federal Department of Energy advises of the following risks and warnings when using portable generators during power outages:

  • Incorrect generator use can lead to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from the engine exhaust, electric shock or electrocution, and fire. Even if you can’t smell exhaust fumes, you may still be exposed to CO.
  • Position generators outdoors and well away from any structure—Running a generator inside any enclosed or partially enclosed structure will lead to dangerous and often fatal levels of CO.
  • Keep the generator dry—Operate it on a dry surface under an open, canopy-like structure, and make sure your hands are dry before touching the generator. Do not use the generator in rainy or wet conditions.
  • There are many problems if you do not disconnect your normal source of power. Otherwise, power from your generator could be sent back to the utility company lines, creating a hazardous situation for utility workers.
  • Turn the generator off and let it cool before refueling. If not, it can cause fire or explosions.

Michigan Ranks 4th Nationally for Power Outages…

“There were 192 reported power outages in Michigan in 2016, according to the Eaton Blackout Tracker Annual Report, putting Michigan ‒ which is 10th nationally in population ‒ behind only California, Texas and New York in the total reported number of outages. 

Michigan also had the fourth-most power outages cumulatively from 2011 through 2016, according to Eaton…”