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The quality of the air you breathe in your home is just as important as having an air temperature that’s just right. Oak Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers a number of advanced Lennox products designed to help keep indoor air quality healthy and clean.

When used in conjunction with your Lennox furnace and air conditioner, these products can help ensure the air you breathe has fewer allergens and contaminants.

Some common air quality issues that can affect your home include: 

  • Allergens
  • Bacteria, Mold & Germs
  • Household Chemicals
  • Humidity Imbalances
  • Home Odors
  • Ozone
  • Stale Air

PureAir™ is a whole-home solution that means cleaner air in every room. And every breath.

The single solution for everything in your air.

Many air cleaning systems filter out particles. Some combat germs, and some fight odors. But only the PureAir™ Air Purification System addresses all three types of indoor air pollutants.

1. Airborne Particles

2. Germs & Bacteria

3. Chemical Odors & Vapors

Healthy Climate®

UVC-24V Germicidal Lights

Eliminate pollutants from indoor air

Germicidal lights use intense rays of ultraviolet light to control and kill contaminants like viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold. Installed inside the HVAC duct system, it improves the air in the entire home.

Reliable Performance

  • Improves air quality and protects heating and cooling equipment
  • Offers installation flexibility with added safety features and simplified maintenance
  • UL listed


  • Powerful ultraviolet energy helps eliminate biological contaminants like mold and bacteria
  • Reduce your customers’ exposure to potentially harmful airborne pollutants
  • No ozone emissions— a known lung irritant*

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