Electrical Vehicle Charging

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations for Your Home or Business

EV Home Charger in Waterford, MI

Whether you would like Oak Electric to provide your electric vehicle charging station or install the EV charging station that you purchased…

Let the Alternative Energy Experts at Oak Electric quote your EV charging station! Do you need guidance? A recommendation perhaps? We are here for you!

Have you considered Solar Panels to Power your Electric Vehicle Charger? If you’re interested in how this would work, schedule a solar consultation today with Oak Electric! [email protected]

EV Home Charging Station in Waterford, MI

Electrical Vehicle Charging

Prepare Your Home or Business for Electric Vehicles

Stay Safe While Charging Your Electric Vehicle

How the Inflation Reduction Act Works for you...

  • 30% Solar & Battery Storage Tax Credit

  • Tax Credits & State Rebates for HVAC Heat Pump

  • Electric Appliances & Upgraded Electrical Panels

  • Electric Vehicle Purchases

  • Electric Vehicle Charging

Oak Electric Delivers Energy in Every Way!

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You could qualify for a $500 DTE Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate if you:

  • Purchase or lease an EV
  • Install qualified Level 2 charger
  • Enroll in year-round time-of-use (TOU) rate
EVSE Charging Safety

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