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“What a great job Oak Electric did installing our generator! We are especially thankful for Chase and the original installation crew as well as Justin and Ryan. Chase and his crew realized we had two issues that needed to be addressed. First, we had a small natural gas leak near the meter and later they discovered a very serious electric issue that could have caused a major injury or worse.

The team quickly discovered the gas leak, did a soap bubble test, and showed us. Then they called in the problem to Consumers Gas who quickly dispatched someone to fix their issue within a half hour of the call. The crew continued moving along doing an outstanding job of placing the generator in an ideal location and routing the wiring through the house and over to our electrical panel.

Later, the transfer switch was installed and that's when Chase discovered that voltage coming into the house to the electric meter casing from DTE's transformer was very erratic, sometimes delivering over 650 plus volts to the main electric box outside our house. Chase checked the situation several times using multiple voltage meters and got the same types of readings. Chase quickly brought the situation to our attention and together we put in calls to DTE. Chase and the team waited patiently for them to arrive, over 4 1/2 hours.

The crew finally decided that they would switch us over to generator power seeing that it was late Friday, and we had no idea when DTE would arrive. A technician from DTE did show in the early evening and he was unable to detect any issues with DTE's service to the house.

Ryan and Justin waited many hours on Monday for DTE to show and Chase continued to communicate with us through text, telephone and even came over the house on Monday night to check on us. We continued to call into DTE to get them to escalate the issue requesting another technician be sent to our house. Finally, on Wednesday afternoon, DTE sent a technician who was able to duplicate what Chase had originally noted from the previous Friday. The technician discovered that DTE had never grounded the transformer when it was replaced several years ago! The technician was furious at the work DTE had done previously. Within an hour or two the DTE technician had the transformer grounded and the readings coming into the house and the electrical box casing were normal for what may have been the first time in over 5 years!

During this same time, Oak Electric had dispatched another electrician who made the final connections from the transfer switch over to the main power. The DTE technician reinstalled the electric meter back into the box and everything worked perfectly. Another DTE crew showed up around an hour afterwards and they took another look inside the transformer. They discovered that there was a copper connection and an aluminum connection inside their transformer and they replaced them with connections of the same type of metal. Again, the power to the house was shut off and once again the generator powered right up until DTE had completed their final changes. The main power was restored, and the generator automatically powered back down. We are truly thankful to God and Oak Electric that no one was ever hurt or worse. We so appreciated that the crew prioritized their safety.

p.s. As an aside, coincidentally, power was lost due to wind damage twice since the generator work was completed and each time the generator came up and powered down as expected. Who would have known we would have experienced this much testing over the past two weeks! Thank you, Oak Electric, and especially to the entire crew and support team that you have. Well done!!!”


Nicole S.

Technician arrived as scheduled and fixed the problems. He was very professional and answered all my questions. Oak Electric had previously installed our whole house generator the their work was excellent. Would not hesitate to call them in the future.

Michael R.

I was a bit concerned that adding a generator would cause a “tacked on” look with obvious cables and piping running across my basement ceiling, but I was very pleased with the job Oak Electric did. I didn’t like the idea of them making a T on my gas service which is near my front door, so they made the connection inside the wall where it doesn’t show.

They also carefully routed the gas and cabling though the ceiling joists such that they are hard to notice. Travis and his crew took off their shoes each time they entered my house, and kept me informed as to when the gas and power would be affected. I do not hesitate to recommend Oak Electric and expect to call them back for their electrical work.

Diane D.

A huge thank you to the employees of Oak Electric, especially installation techs Brett and Alex, salesman Bob M, and office A.P. Amy! I just wanted to let you know, that because of the great job you did for us, we were able to get through the great Michigan power outage of 2017 :)) with ease.

I had no problems whatsoever starting our portable generator and using the manual generator interlock in our new electrical panel. For the four days we were off of the DTE electrical grid, I was able to start, stop, and restart the generator system numerous times without incident. A special thanks goes out to Brett and Alex who took the time to educate me on how the new system worked, as well as perform a test run. When the time came to use the new system, two weeks later, I felt like an old pro using it. You are all a Godsend! Both my husband and I agree that the best decision we ever made was to choose Oak Electric Service, Incorporated to do our electrical work. God’s blessings to you all, and thank you once again.

Denise H.

They are timely and very professional. I would highly recommend them.

Description of work: Whole house generator, upgraded electrical service panel and whole house surge protector were installed in 2010. They do yearly maintenance on generator and respond promptly to questions.

Kevin W.

We were very pleased with the service we received from Oak. We have had them out to do preventative maintenance on our generator to keep it in tip top shape.

We had Oak Electric upgrade our home’s electrical panel, install a home surge protector, install a whole house smoke detector system required for a renovation. We even had them run cable for our TV’s. We were so pleased that we had them install a whole house generator. We are glad we did, now we never have to deal with power outages.

Christopher B.

Everything was completed as contracted. The crew was on time, did the wok, explained how the generator would turn on and off, and cleaned up when complete. Very professional and Oak continues to stay in touch to ensure our maintenance is completed at regular intervals.

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