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Air Conditioner Services in Waterford and Clarkston, MI

And Southeast Michigan

Our team of trained technicians at Oak Electric provides the qualified and affordable air conditioning installation services you need for your Southeast Michigan, Bloomfield Township, MI, or Clarkston, MI, home.

What Do We Offer?

We offer comprehensive air conditioning services, including repairs, installation and maintenance.

Whether you need an air-conditioning system / air-conditioner for your whole home or you need heating or cooling in a specific room – such as a sunroom that gets a little too warm or too cool, or an addition – Oak Electric is the team to contact. Let Oak Electric make you comfortable.
We have a team of experienced technicians that can install or repair your standard air-conditioners and mini-split systems (target hot and cool spots) and can help you to determine the best solution for you and your family.

Potentially avoid a repair bill by scheduling an annual air-conditioner maintenance (clean and check) appointment. Let Oak Electric help to keep your unit running smoothly and effectively. Our goal is to catch small, potential issues before they become large, expensive problems.

What Sets Us Apart?
With so many air conditioning companies in the area, why should you choose Oak Electric?

We are a Lennox Premier Dealer
We take pride in this accomplishment. Having a company like Lennox behind us, makes us a better service company.

We take our training very seriously. We consistently train our technicians, both in-house and with outside assistance.

We undergo testing by the North American Technician Excellence. We are NATE certified.

Oak Electric is happy to help our clients by offering a variety of financing options.

What Should You Do Now?
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Take a look at the other services that Oak Electric provides. Whether you need heating, cooling, solar energy, electrical work or generators, we’re here…One call covers it all!