Newborn Preparation: 4 Reasons to Purchase a Backup Generator

Newborns bring a lot of changes to your life and especially your home. As you prepare to bring a new baby into your life, multiple things are a given. A crib. A changing table. A car seat.

One more thing you should add to the list is a power generator. People have been raising babies for centuries, but modern day baby care requires a lot of electricity to get the job done. Having the convenience of a backup generator can make a huge difference in the daily care for your baby.

Learn about four different advantages of having a generator installed and ready to go by the time your bundle of joy arrives. Not only will these advantages help your baby, but you will feel great knowing you have power for your home whenever you need it.

Room Temperatures

When babies are first born, doctors do not recommend for them to use any type of blanket. The use of blankets, pillows, or even stuffed animals in a sleeping area could be the cause of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or suffocation. So when the power goes out, you do not have full control over the baby’s temperature.

Ideally, a baby should sleep in a room that’s at about 70 degrees. If it is winter, a home can get extremely cold without power. During the summer, the home can quickly get hot without the use of a fan or air conditioner.

When you have a generator installed, you can use electric heating and cooling. Your baby can sleep comfortably, and you can get the proper sleep you need to keep up with the baby.

Feedings and Foods

For a baby’s first nine months, feedings vary wildly from baby to baby. Some babies are formula fed, and some are fed with breast milk, while many babies start eating solids at around six months. The use of power extremely important in a majority of these situations.

For example, if a mom pumps milk and stores frozen milk in a freezer, then a power outage may thaw the milk and spoil it before it can be used. The breast pump may also require outlet power. For babies starting solids, a steamer or processor is often used to make the foods. Without power, you may struggle to feed your child.

A generator will help you stick to your feeding schedule and ensure your baby gets fed on time.


Have you ever tried to change a diaper by candlelight? It’s not a pretty sight, and you will not want to deal with it. Having proper lighting can make all the difference, not just for changing diapers, for a number of other activities with the baby.

This includes changing outfits, cleaning up messes, and interacting with the baby. Candles may not be the safest thing to have around babies either. A generator will keep your home fully lit as long as you need it.

Newborn Treatments

Newborns may need regular treatments for different conditions. The use of outlets and access to electricity can make a huge difference. For example, a baby may have a medical condition which requires refrigerated medications or antibiotics. This means that power to the fridge is essential.

A newborn may also need some type of breathing treatment through an electrical device like a dehumidifier. A generator can provide a safeguard against power outages and help you keep up with any treatments.

Every baby is different, and you never know what you will need to help care for your baby. Our professionals at Oak Electric can help you set up a generator and provide all your power needs before the baby arrives.

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