Mike Harness – Waterford (12/08/2016)

The whole process went very well. I requested several quotes from competing suppliers. Oak Electric’s quote was the lowest with the best warranty offered. The level of detail provided in the quote package was very goos and appreciated by this engineer. They knew their stuff also. I had asked questions not typically asked by most home owners and the sales man, also a Master Electrician answered all of my technical questions except one – and they got back to me the next day with the answer. They explained the whole process including the need to upgrade gas meter. We ran into a few issues with Consumers Power (gas supplier) and Oak was right there with me in assisting with advice on how to work around some of the silliness with Consumers Power. After the gas meter was upgraded, they were out within two weeks time to do the install. The install took 3 electricians the whole day. I had the switch box mounted outside. Each guy worked on a different aspect of the installation but peer reviewed each other’s work. Being an aircraft engineer, I am meticulous when it comes to wire routing and securing. Although they did a good job in that regard, I would have made sure my wire runs were more straight and clamps installed at equal distances for better uniformity of the install. Power was off for about 3 hours which is what they said it would take for the transfer switch hook up and wiring to be completed. No big deal. Once the unit was completely installed, one of the tech’s walked me through the system and explained how to manual starts and shutdowns on the generator, how to locate fault codes, how to do resets, check the oil and etc. A power demonstration was completed with no faults and the unit was put into service. The crew picked up after themselves and secured all open boxes. Oak sent another inspector out to do a secondary inspection in a few days to very the installation prior to the arrival of the township inspector. The Oak Electric inspector stayed with the township inspector during the entire inspection. No issues were found. One of the features I really like is the mobil link feature allowing me to monitor the state of the generator on my smart phone from anywhere. This also allows Oak Electric to monitor the unit so the know first hand if an issue or fault has occurred. I would highly recommend Oak Electric for any service or installation that they do. Class A operation.

Description of work: A 22KW whole house Generac generator along with an automatic transfer switch was installed.

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