Determine the Best Size Generator for Your Home

resgenerator2As the only Premier Generac Dealer in Southeast Michigan, Oak Electric can assist you in choosing the right size Generac generator for your needs and lifestyle.

You can begin by envisioning your home without power and determining the things you and your family would miss most during an outage. Next, we can look at systems Generac has tailored for different levels of coverage—Essential Circuit Coverage, Managed Whole House Coverage and Complete Whole House Coverage.

Essential Circuit Coverage—Generac’s Guardian Series generators taks the guesswork out of sizing by offering prepackaged systems. The generator is paired with a transfer switch containing a predetermined number of circuits based on the generator’s kW power rating. Each circuit is directly connected to a matched circuit on the home’s main circuit breaker panel, providing electricity to that specific appliance or area of the home. With this system, you could connect lights and TV in the family room; microwave and lights in the kitchen; refrigerator; power to the bathroom; computer and home office; garage door opener; air conditioner; and furnace.

Managed Whole House Coverage—This option delivers more coverage with less generator, up to whole house coverage, by pairing a smaller generator with one of Generac’s Nexus™ load shedding switch options. This creates a managed power solution where non-essential circuits are shed when the generator approaches maximum capacity. They are cycled back on when essential circuits no longer require power, so all circuits receive power at different times. Recommended if you don’t use all your appliances at the same time, which most people don’t.

Complete Whole House Coverage—Easily cover every circuit in any size home by pairing one of Generac’s larger kW units and the proper transfer switch to provide full coverage. No circuit is ever left uncovered, so every appliance is available every minute.

You may also want to check out Generac’s handy Generator Sizing Tool.

Whether you want comprehensive whole-house coverage or just need to protect essential circuits, the generator experts at Oak Electric are standing by to help guide you through the selection process.

Oak Electric Service is one of southeast Michigan’s leading electrical contractors. Give us a call at (800) 964-7070 for a generator consultation. We will always personally answer your phone call – you will never reach an answering service! Be sure to ask about our “Free Electrical Safety Inspection.” We invite you to visit our website at to learn more about us.

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