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At home or at work, whether you’re just washing the driveway or prepping for an exterior painting job, using a power washer can make the job much easier. Power washers utilize a gasoline engine or electric motor to drive a pump that delivers a high-pressure spray water, using your water supply, to clean a surface.

The water enters the pump, is pressurized inside the pump, and exits the pump at as much as several thousand pounds per square inch (PSI). [By comparison, a typical garden hose dispenses water at about 30-40 PSI.] The force of the high-pressure spray loosens dirt and flushes it away. On more professional-grade models, the spray is even powerful enough to strip paint, which is useful in paint preparation.

If you are looking for an affordable power washer for residential or commercial applications, Oak Electric can help you select the Generac power washer that meets your needs and budget. Generac power washers give you cleaning power, reliability, and above all ease of use—everything you need in a power washer.

In the early 1990s, Generac applied its knowledge of air-cooled engines and portable product design to power washers; it was a natural evolution. And for the first time power washers were readily available to consumers at a price they could afford. Our experts at Oak Electric will help you select the right power washer from our selection of residential and commercial equipment.

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