Why Your Convenience Store Needs a Standby Generator

Even though you might know that other convenience stores in the area have standby generators, you might not have purchased one for your own store just yet. However, a commercial-grade standby generator really is a necessity for modern convenience stores.


Prevent Food Products from Spoiling

One of the biggest problems that convenience store owners face during a power outage is keeping their food cold. If you sell ice cream and other similar products, your food could be a total loss after a power outage, even if the power is not out for very long.

This can come at an extreme cost for your business. Even if the loss is covered by your insurance, it can cause serious problems. For example, it might take a while for the insurance claim to go through, and in the meantime, you might not have food to sell your customers.

This means that you’ll either have to run a store that isn’t fully stocked or that you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace everything and wait to be reimbursed. Regardless of the situation, losing all of your convenience store’s perishable food in a power outage can be very upsetting.

With a commercial standby generator, though, your food will be kept nice and cold even when the power is out, preventing this major loss.


Keep Your Business Secure

Looting is common during power outages. Your surveillance cameras and security system might not work if your store does not have any power. Also, if there aren’t any lights on, it will make it that much easier for someone to commit a crime without being seen.

A standby generator will help you keep your business secure. Even if you close up shop for the night, you can feel good knowing that your surveillance cameras will still be running and that your security system will work. Even keeping your lights on may help you feel better and prevent crimes.

Plus, a generator keeps employees and customers safe when the power goes out by keeping the lights on and maintaining your security systems.


Avoid a Loss of Business

Even if you are not concerned about spoiled food or security issues during a power outage, you might be concerned about a loss of business. If the power goes out in your area and you don’t have a generator, then you aren’t going to be able to operate your lights, cash registers, or other equipment. This leaves you with little choice but to shut down your store until the power comes back on.

This can seriously impact your store’s finances during even a short power outage. If the power is out for even longer, such as during a winter storm, it can be crippling for your business, unless you have a generator.

During even the worst of conditions, though, you can keep your convenience store up and running with the help of a commercial generator. Then, you don’t have to wait until the power is restored. With the right generator, neither you nor your customers will be able to tell the difference.

This helps you prevent a major loss of income for your business. Plus, your customers will know that they can come to your store when there is a power outage in the area, which can help you keep and attract loyal customers.

It’s time to make an investment for your convenience store so that you can enjoy these benefits and many more. At Oak Electric, we have installed many standby generators in homes and businesses in the area, and we can help you with your commercial generator purchase and installation.

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