When Is a Mini-Split System the Right Choice?

You have many options for cooling and heating your home, and while forced-air systems are still considered one of the most effective options, more and more people are choosing alternatives, such as a mini-split system. If you are curious about mini-split systems, check out these reasons one may be the right choice for you.

When You Don’t Have Ducts

Forced-air heating and cooling works by blowing heated or cooled air through ducts, which expel the air through vents in various parts of the home. Therefore, the biggest reason to consider a mini-split system is because you don’t have exiting ductwork in the home.

Many older homes were built before forced-air heating and cooling were commonplace, so they may not have ductwork. In fact, depending on the home, it may not even have much room to add ducts. If you do choose to add ducts, the cost of installation skyrockets.

Mini-split systems don’t use ducts to move the air. As with central air conditioning, these systems comprise an exterior unit, which holds much of the components. This exterior unit is connected to various indoor units throughout the home via cords and tubes. Therefore, you can add a mini-split system even if you are missing ducts or have severely damaged ducts.

When Only Certain Rooms Need Heating/Cooling

A mini-split system can also be a great addition to your already existing heating and cooling system. While having adequate heating throughout the home is always a must, many people don’t want or need air-conditioning in many parts of the home. If you don’t want to install an expensive central air conditioning system, you can simply install mini-split systems in the desired rooms to send cold air.

Mini-split systems are more efficient and effective than window AC units or portable AC units, so while they may cost more to install than window units, you will see better energy savings. Plus, the system is usually more durable than window units, so you won’t need to replace it as often.

A mini-split system can also be a great addition if you have a room that isn’t connected to the rest of the home’s heating/cooling system — for example, if you built an additional room or you want to heat/cool or garage. You can simply install a mini-split system for that room instead of paying money to extend your ducts and add vents.

When You Want a Lower-Maintenance Option

No HVAC solution requires zero maintenance, but forced-air heating and cooling requires a lot of attention. Not only do you have to keep the systems well lubricated, cleaned, and in working condition; you also need to worry about those pesky ducts.

Even if you take great care of your furnace or central air conditioner, if you neglect your ducts, your system becomes inefficient, increasing your energy bills. One common problem with ducts is damage. Wear and tear can cause the segments to separate, causing gaps to appear, which allow air to escape.

Poorly insulated ducts can also promote heat loss or gain, so you’ll need to add and repair insulation as needed. Dirty ducts blow allergens and irritants into the breathing air, but they also strain the system. With no ducts to maintain, your mini-split system will stay energy-efficient for longer without much attention.

While forced-air heating and cooling may be one of the most effective and fastest ways to cool/heat your home, mini-split systems are also effective and much more efficient. With a more efficient system, you’ll see your energy bills drop. For more information about mini-split systems or to get a quote for one, contact us at Oak Electric today.

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