Tips for Safe, Effective Portable Generator Use

Genportable1Generator manufacturer Generac has been designing and manufacturing backup power generators for residential, commercial and industrial applications since 1959. Their product line includes rugged, dependable portable generators designed to deliver power wherever you are—from tailgate parties to construction sites. With sizes up to 17500 watts, you can take your power with you wherever you need it.

Following are some basic tips from Generac for the safe operation of portable generators:

  • Always operate a portable generate outdoors a safe distance away from windows and doors to keep carbon monoxide from entering the home
  • Never operate a portable generator in an enclosed space, like a garage, even with ventilation
  • Place your portable generator on a level surface, with the exhaust pointing away from the home
  • Never operate the generator on a combustible surface, like a wooden deck
  • All extension cords should be rated for outdoor use and in good repair.
  • Before refueling the generator, it’s recommended that the unit be shut down and allowed to cool.

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