Benefits of Standby Generators for Pet Owners

When a power outage occurs, many homeowners have multiple concerns. For pet owners, another level of concern and stress gets added to the mix. In an effort to make things stress-free and calm during a power outage, you have the ability to install a standby generator for your home.

Not only will the generator help with heating, cooling, and appliance use, but also several benefits directly associated with pets. Learn about the benefits and ways a standby generator will help ease your pet care routine during a power outage.

Uninterrupted Filters and Heat Lamp Power

One of the biggest benefits of a standby generator is the ability of the generator to automatically turn on. When the home loses power, the generator will detect the outage and restore full power to the home in a matter of seconds.

With the automatic activation, you do not need to worry about any changes within the pet care you provide. One of the key areas includes the filters and heat lamps for various animal cages and tanks. A variety of fish rely on a filtered tank and specific water temperatures for the fish to properly live and survive.

Reptiles like lizards and snacks are cold-blooded creatures that rely on heat lamps to keep the animals warm. With the automated generator, you can ensure the elements stay on and active, even if you are not home.

For example, if you are gone for an entire workday, your pet’s health may be at risk with a power outage. The automatic generator will prevent any issues whether you are home or not.

Pet Food Protection

When a generator gets installed at your home, one of the main benefits of a power outage is the ability to keep your refrigerator or freezer running without food and drinks spoiling. The same benefit also applies to pet food.

Many animals in your home may rely on frozen pet food for meals. For example, dogs may have frozen raw meat that you need to thaw out for various meals. If you own a large snake, you may have a collection of frozen feeder mice to provide the snake.

When the power is out for extended periods of time, the food may start to thaw and spoil. In the long run, a standby generator will prevent the waste of money on replacement food and ensure you have plenty of food available during the outage period.

Electric Dog Fences

If you own a dog, you may rely on an electric dog fence to keep a dog contained within a yard. An electric dog fence connects directly to your power supply and will shut off when the power goes out.

Once a storm has passed, you do not want to worry about letting a dog outside only for the animal to escape because the fences are not powered. While some electric dog fences may have their own separate battery backup, the power provided is not the same as a standby generator.

The generator instantly starts up, restoring power to the electric dog fence and keeping safe boundaries for your pet at home. The instant power access is helpful if you have a dog door on your house and your pet dog has roaming options to the exterior of the home. So if you are not home or your dog escapes, the power generator will ensure the electric dog fence remains in full operation.

When you decide to install a generator, the decision should be made long before you have to worry about any power outages.

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