4 Ways Standby Generators Can Help Prevent Thanksgiving Disasters

People often take weeks to plan Thanksgiving festivities, including the food, guests, and seating arrangements. The last thing you want to worry about is a power outage throwing your plans out the window. You can take one extra step in your Thanksgiving preparation with the installation of a standby generator.

This permanent generator installation will help prevent a Thanksgiving disaster in more ways than one and will give you a lot of peace of mind during the holiday. Keep reading to learn how a generator will benefit your Thanksgiving dinner.

1. Cooking Appliances

One of the main benefits associated with a standby generator is the connection to the main power grid in the home. Everything you have plugged in remains in the outlets, and you don’t have to worry about switching plugs around or limiting your power options. The extended power to your home is essential to the number of appliances used on Thanksgiving.

As you cook, you may rely on smaller appliances like a mixer, blender, air fryer, or toaster oven. If you had a gas-powered back-up generator that used extension cables, then you would spend a lot of your time switching cords and struggling to maintain your same eating schedule.

A standby generator has enough power to keep the appliances going and not ruin the flow of your Thanksgiving preparation.

2. Cooking Times

Along with access to appliances, planning a Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of strict cooking times. Turkeys must bake for a certain amount of time and other recipes for foods like bread and muffins require very specific instructions to prepare. A power outage could disrupt the flow, ruin recipes, and cause you to make major changes with your Thanksgiving prep.

A standby generator provides instant access to back-up power. In most cases, you will not even realize a power outage has occurred in the area because the power converts to the generator instantly without any glitches or changes. You can stay on schedule and prevent recipe disasters.

3. Thawed Foods

The turkey is often the star of a Thanksgiving meal, and a lot of care goes into cooking the large bird. If you experience a power outage in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, then you may run into problems as the turkey thaws. If a turkey thaws too much without cooking, the meat could become spoiled.

If the turkey thaws and then you refreeze the bird, then you could lose out on some of the flavors. You also run the risk of other Thanksgiving foods thawing and spoiling before the big day. A standby generator can last for multiple weeks, providing you with a lot of power while the power grid is restored back to normal.

You can thaw out items as needed, keeps drinks like eggnog fresh, and do not need to sacrifice any of your Thanksgiving traditions due to power issues.

4. Guest Needs

Besides the cooking, a standby generator plays a crucial role in hosting other guests in the house. If you have guests staying for multiple days, then a standby generator will supply you with hot water needed for showers, washing hands, and doing laundry. Preparing yourself for Thanksgiving is another big part of the process and you will not need to worry with a generator.

The access to power will also supply the house with television and streaming internet connections. You can easily enjoy Thanksgiving parades on television, holiday movies, or one of the many football games that air on TV. With the power supply, you can provide full entertainment for everyone in the house.

Contact us at Oak Electric to install a standby generator. We can have your generator up and running plenty of time before Thanksgiving so you can avoid any power outage disasters ruining your holiday for years to come.

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