4 Phone Apps That Can Help During Power Outages

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When you own a home generator, power outages are a lot less frightening than they could be. Even if the grid does not have power access, you can enjoy the luxury of electricity until the power is fully restored. However, as you go through a power outage with a generator, you may run into problems outside of just your home’s power. Find help and assistance with phone apps.

Four different types of apps will guide you through a power outage. Learn about the apps and how to supplement generator use.

1. Official Generator Apps

Many modern generators have their own apps to give you control over the device. As soon as a generator kicks on, you may have a mental countdown of how long the extra power will last. Eliminate any guesswork with app connections. The app will show your home’s current power usage and how much estimated time is available on the generator.

If you follow the statistics of your home’s power usage, then you will know whether to cut out certain power elements and reduce the amount you are using. Shutting off specific lights or unplugging devices can make a big difference in your generator use. With controlled power management, you will extend the generator’s life and easily make it through longer outages.

When your generator is first installed, technicians will guide you through the app installation and use. Understanding power usage may seem like a challenge, but most app designs are easy to comprehend, and the technicians should guide you through the features.

2. Power Company Apps

Along with your own generator app, download an official power company app for the company that represents your area. Power company apps are useful during outages because you can check out outage maps for the local area. An outage map showcases how many people are out of power and what areas of a neighborhood are impacted by the outage.

Many of the apps allow you to report an outage when it first occurs. One of the biggest benefits is a view of the estimated time of restoration. You will have a good idea of how long your generator will run. The apps may also feature notifications that alert you when changes occur to power in your area.

3. Traffic Apps

A home generator will keep your freezer and refrigerator operating smoothly, but you may need food and water to fill those appliances. If a power outage occurs due to a major storm, then you need to take proper precautions before you head out on the open road. Traffic apps feature alerts and user-submitted data about downed lines, fallen trees, and closed roads.

View local traffic to see if it’s safe to travel to nearby stores. The apps are often updated and can offer clear paths. The same information is useful if you decide to order delivery service. Determine the best times and directions to travel in your local area with real-time app updates.

4. Neighborhood Apps

As a generator owner, you will have a major privilege compared to other homes without generators. During a power outage, check in with neighbors through various apps. Some apps are specifically made for local neighborhoods while others are general social media apps.

In a social media app, find groups dedicated to your town. Through these apps, you can see the needs of neighbors and try to supply help. You may offer some of the power luxuries in your home, including internet connections or freezer use. The extra support will make your generator installation a way to positively reach out to the community.

Get your stand-by generator installed with our professionals at Oak Electric. Once installed, you can install these various apps and be ready for any form of power outage situation all year long.

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