4 Incredible Features of a Standby Generator That Simplify Your Life

A home generator is a wise investment that supplies your home and family with essential power if electricity is unavailable. The unique characteristics of a standby generator, in particular, can dramatically enhance your life and remove worry and stress associated with a power outage. Take a closer look at standby generators and four incredible features that can simplify your life.

1. Standby Generators Are Hard Wired to Your Home

A permanent, hard-wired option for a generator may not seem important, but the benefits quickly become clear when you need to utilize power in an emergency.

Many generators require a plug and outlet in order to disperse power. The search for an extension cord and appropriate outlet can be challenging in blackout conditions or during a hard rain or freeze. Plus, extension cords can be a hazard when you use them incorrectly. Instead, a hard-wired generator transfers power into your home without the hassle of a power cord. The necessary power connection is already there at all times.

The unique connection between your home and generator is made by an electrician who understands the dangers with electricity and the complexities of transfer switches for appropriate power dispersal.

2. Standby Generators Run on Natural Gas

A fuel source is necessary to power your generator. Many portable generators run on gasoline, which has many downsides. Gasoline or diesel fuel power is noisy and dirty, and fuel storage is risky with a definite limited shelf life.  Additives are often necessary to stabilize the fuel.

The preferred generator fuel source is natural gas that is abundant, clean, and already available at your home for generator use. Experts who install your generator can tap into your natural gas line to provide power for your generator. This feature removes the need to refill a fuel tank during a particularly prolonged power outage.

3. Standby Generators Provide Seamless Power

The abrupt, sudden nature of a power outage forces you to act quickly to restore electricity to your home. It takes time and knowledge to initiate a portable generator to supply power. Children or the elderly at home alone during a power outage may be unable to use a generator.

A standby generator senses a power loss and automatically starts up to provide a seamless source of electrical power. With little loss of power, your home electrical needs are continuously met.

Refrigerators, freezers, heating and cooling systems, and even crucial medical devices will not lose power. The quality and strength of standby electrical power delivery will not damage delicate electronics like computers and televisions.

This seamless flow of power removes worry and stress during a power outage.

4. Standby Generators Have Wireless Options

Many home systems like security, lighting, and HVAC thermostats have already made the switch to wireless options. You can view data and interact with many home systems while at work or on vacation. Standby generators are no different.

Wireless options allow you to perform a variety of tasks. You can view the run history of your generator and check any upcoming maintenance recommendations to make sure the generator continues to provide power. Then, upload any maintenance alerts to a dealer equipped to perform adjustments for servicing.

You can even receive weather reports or updates with regards to upcoming storms, warnings, and watches that may affect your area.

Wireless options are available on your phone, tablet, or computer so you can always stay informed.

So many incredible features make a standby generator the choice for families who want to simplify their life if the power goes out. Contact Oak Electric when you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind a standby generator brings to you and your loved ones.

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