4 Benefits of Standby Generators for Home Offices

If you work from home, you have to rely on a lot of your own resources for daily office tasks and needs. Power is often an essential part of your home office use and the only way to have continuous power in the home is with a standby generator installation.

Learn about the benefits of a standby generator for your home office and ways to take advantage of the benefits for the long haul.

1. Home Office Equipment

A standby generator offers uninterrupted power connections to your home. When a power surge or problems begin, the generator automatically kicks on and replaces the other power for your home (or designated parts of your home). When you have home office equipment, you do not want to worry about power surges creating problems for these devices.

In some cases, power outage problems could result in the power flickering on and off numerous times. The surges could create problems in computer equipment, printers, and other home office equipment you leave plugged in.

Along with surge protector plugs, your home office will benefit from the standby generator. With a continuous flow of power, the devices remain on and the direct flow of power is not impacted in any way.

2. Internet Connections

People who work from home rely on an internet connection to submit work, conduct video meetings, and access websites or email. A power outage could result in the loss of an internet connection and a lot of lost time working.

A standby generator helps provide a constant internet connection so you do not have to work around power outages. Continue your work as needed and do not lose any income as a result of the power outage. Over time, the money you paid for the generator will cover the gained hours you have to work.

For example, if your area suffers from a two day power outage, you will have two days of possible loss income. With the generator, you can complete the work and maintain your income. The constant internet connection makes a big difference and is one of the main benefits of a standby generator.

3. Separate Home Office Buildings

If your office area is a separate building like a detached garage loft, you still have standby generator options. For example, you may opt for a smaller generator that just covers the office part of your home. This way, you constantly have power options for your work area and do not need to power the rest of your home if you choose not to.

If you choose a full generator setup, you can ensure the generator feeds power to the other buildings on your property. If all the elements are a part of the same power grid, then this option is possible. You do not need to worry about the loss of power. An experienced electrician will help set up and connect your home office no matter where the space is located.

4. Tax Deductions

When you primarily work from home, you will have a number of tax deductions as a part of your tax filing. One of the deductions involves home utility costs. When the generator installation applies to the home office, you can use a percentage of the cost for your tax deductions.

Along with the installation cost, you may deduct any monthly costs to run and maintain the standby generator. Tax deductions vary and change on a yearly basis, so you should bring up the possible deductions with a tax professional. The tax expert will analyze the overall costs and the percentage counted exclusively with your business.

For more information on standby generator installation, contact us at Oak Electric. Our experienced electricians will help get your generator up and running so you never have to worry about power loss at your home office again.

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