3 Reasons to Equip Your Business With an Automatic Backup Generator

The state of Michigan is known for its high number of power outages, and this state ranked number four on the list of states with the most power outages between the years 2011-2016. If you own a business in Michigan, you may want to invest in a backup power source to benefit your business.

Read on to learn about just three of the many benefits of installing an automatic backup generator for local power outages.

1. Protect Sensitive Equipment from Power Surges

Most businesses today are filled with electronic devices, such as computers, POS systems, and more. All electronic devices are susceptible to damage that power surges can cause. Power surges occur when the electrical voltage in a power circuit suddenly increases, and this excess electricity is sent to the electronic devices currently being powered by that circuit.

While small power surges can damage the sensitive circuits of electronic devices, a stronger power surge can damage electronic devices so much that they become completely unusable.

Power outages are one of the most common causes of power surges. After adding an automatic backup generator to your business, you can worry less about power surges damaging your electronic equipment during a power outage.

This generator type sends power directly to your business’s electrical circuit breaker box as soon as a power outage is detected, where it can then be distributed to all electrical outlets and fixtures in your business. The generator continues to send a steady supply of power to the box until it senses that the local power supply has been restored, then it automatically switches the power supply back to the local grid.

This steady supply of power delivered to your sensitive electronic equipment during a power outage protects it from power surges caused by failed attempts to restore local power.  In addition, a several minute wait time between when local power is restored and when your generator automatically reconnects your breaker box to the local grid protects your business from the power surge that typically occurs when local power is restored.

2. Prevent Lost Computer Data

While power surges can harm your computer hardware, computer software can be damaged by the abrupt shutdown forced on your computers during a power outage. Sudden loss of power can cause a PC system crash that can corrupt open software applications and even damage your entire computer operating system.

In addition, power fluctuations that occur before, during, and after a power outage can cause corruption or loss of important hard drive data. An automatic backup generator continues to power your business computers, which prevents lost data and software damage.

3. Avoid Lost Income Loss of Power Can Cause

Just a short 4-hour power outage costs the average business $10k to $20k. When your business has no power due to a local power outage and is forced to shut down temporarily, customers have no choice but to patronize businesses in nearby areas or cities that still have power, with results in lost revenue for your business.

If you sell perishable items, such as food items, these items can also spoil due to lack of proper refrigeration during a long power outage, resulting in costly inventory loss.

Employees of all business types become less productive during power outages, especially if they are forced to perform tasks that they usually perform with computers by hand. This productivity loss alone can cost your business money in overtime hours and wages needed by employees to catch up on tasks they could not complete during the power outage.

You can prevent loss of income due to these factors and others after you install a business automatic backup generator.

Every business in Michigan should be equipped with an automatic backup generator that can prevent equipment damage, loss of important computer data, and general loss of income during a local power outage. Contact the power generator experts at Oak Electric to schedule commercial automatic backup generator installation today.

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