Spring Storms–Be Ready with Home Backup Power Generation

More than 62 percent of power outages in the U.S. are weather or tree-related, resulting in billions of dollars in damages annually. From a backed-up septic system to medical equipment to a freezer without power, your losses can range from minor inconveniences to a huge headache.

Oak Electric can install a home backup power system that will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your lights stay on, your air conditioner or furnace continues to keep you comfortable, your sump pump and well keep pumping, your refrigerator and freezer keep things cool, your TVs and computers keep you connected and your portable devices stay charged.

If you are considering installation of a backup power system, following is some information on Generator Safety from Consumers Energy.

  • Choose the right generator for your specific needs. Various size (output) generators are available in permanent and portable models.
  • Typically, a generator produces 1,000 watts of power for every HP motor output. It is important to choose a generator that produces 25 percent more power than the total load to be connected. Adding up the power requirements of the appliances and equipment you design to use during a power outage will help you determine the size generator needed.
  • Connecting the generator is another important consideration. An improperly connected generator can pose a serious risk to you, your neighbors and utility crews working to restore your power.
  • Never operate a generator in your home, garage, basement or any other enclosed area. A generator needs to be at least 3 feet to 4 feet from an enclosed area as well as away from doors, windows and fresh air intakes where exhaust fumes and carbon monoxide can enter the home. Proper ventilation is always critical.
  • Never fuel a generator when it is running. Turn the generator off and let it cool before refueling.
  • Before permanentl installing a generator, contact your local electrical inspector and a qualified electrician to obtain the proper permits and connection criteria. Always read the Owner’s Manual provided with your generator to obtain specific operating guideline.

Oak Electric understands homeowners’ needs and requirements when it comes to generators and make it our business to satisfy your preferences and requirements. If you are considering automatic standby or backup generation for your home or business, the professionals at Oak Electric Service are happy to answer your product and installation questions. We invite you to visit our website at www.oakelectric.com to learn more about us; or give us a call at (800) 964-7070.

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