Generac Generator Services in Bloomfield, MI

At Oak Electric, we specialize in offering high-quality Generac generators and top-notch generator services throughout the Southwest Michigan region, including Bloomfield, MI. Whether you require installation, repairs, or maintenance for your Generac generator, you've come to the right place. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to ensuring your home or business enjoys a dependable backup generator.

Generator Installation in Bloomfield, MI

Secure your peace of mind with a seamless Generac generator installation. We understand the significance of a reliable backup power source for your home or business. Our expert technicians are well-trained to handle the installation of Generac generators, whether you're seeking a whole-house generator or a commercial solution. Our offerings include:

Whole House Generator Installation Near Bloomfield: 

Keep your home running smoothly during power outages with our top-rated Generac whole house generators.

Commercial Generator Installation Near Me: 

Safeguard your business operations with our dependable commercial Generac generators.

Our installation services are customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring you have a reliable power source precisely when you need it most.

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Why Invest in a Generator?

Regain Your Power and Peace of Mind.

  • 24/7 Backup Power Assurance: A generator serves as your lifeline, ensuring uninterrupted power, be it during stormy weather or grid failures.
  • Preserve Your Groceries: Say goodbye to the fear of losing the contents of your freezer, protecting your Costco, Sam's Club, or grocery store haul.
  • Stay Connected: Whether you're working from home or your children are attending virtual classes, an uninterrupted internet connection is now an essential part of daily life.
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Generac Leadership in Innovation Award - 2021/2022

Why Choose Oak Electric?


Family-owned, born and raised in Michigan! We have seen many companies come and go and help the clients they leave behind.

Award Winning

We are highly rated on multiple platforms and have won many awards for generators, solar, and HVAC!


We pride ourselves on continued education and training at ALL levels! We strive for excellence to best serve our clients.


Many say they hear about us from friends and family; that's the highest compliment we receive!

Here to Stay

Time-tested and here to stay! We have been serving the community for over 50 years!

Emergency Service

Feel safe and secure knowing that we reserve after-hours service for only our clients.


Oak Electric… your team of standby power experts!

We install 7 Backup Generators each and every day with 8 additional maintenance and repair technicians on staff to support your installation! Don’t settle for anything less!

We stand behind our work and value your business.

Generator Repair in Bloomfield, MI

Swift and efficient Generac generator repair services to keep you up and running. We understand that even the most dependable generators may encounter issues over time. Oak Electric offers comprehensive generator repair services, with a focus on Generac generators. Our technicians are well-equipped to diagnose and resolve any problems you may encounter with your home or commercial generator. Our repair services encompass:


Generac Generator Repairs Near Bloomfield: 

From minor issues to major malfunctions, we have the expertise to get your Generac generator back in working order.

Home Generator Repairs Near Me: 

Ensure your whole house generator is always ready to protect your home and family.

Commercial Generator Repairs Near Me: 

Keep your business operations running smoothly with our timely commercial generator repair services. Count on Oak Electric to promptly address any generator issues and restore your backup power source. 

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Generator Maintenance in Bloomfield, MI

Preventative maintenance to keep your Generac generator in peak condition. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Generac generator operating at its best. At Oak Electric, we offer comprehensive generator maintenance services to prolong the life of your generator and ensure it operates reliably when needed. Our maintenance services include:

Generac Generator Maintenance Near Bloomfield: 

Regular servicing of your Generac generator to identify and address any potential issues before they become major problems. 

Home Generator Maintenance Near Me: 

Keep your whole house generator in optimal condition with our maintenance program. 

Commercial Generator Maintenance Near Me: 

Ensure the continuous operation of your business with our commercial generator maintenance services. 

By choosing our maintenance services, you're taking proactive steps to safeguard your investment and the safety of your home or business. 

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Whether you are home or away – your Generac standby generator safely delivers power to your home. It is not only about…

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Commercial & Industrial

Lost power means lost revenues. In some cases, though, it could mean irreparable damage to your brand’s reputation, protect…

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Parts, Maintenance & Repairs

Oak has many full time Generac Trained Technicians on staff to assist valued customers like you, in protecting your investment…

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Generac Generator Professionals in Bloomfield, MI

With years of experience, we have solidified our position as the go-to source for Generac generators, setting the industry standard for dependable power solutions. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge, offering "Generac generators for sale," "whole house generator installation," responsive "generator repair services," and customized "generator maintenance plans." We comprehend the unique power needs of Bloomfield, catering to both residents and businesses. Trust Oak Electric to keep your power consistently on, securing our status as the Generac Generator Experts in Bloomfield, MI.


Automatic Standby Generators come in several sizes, but which is right for you?

Contact Oak Electric for Generac Generators in Bloomfield & Southwest Michigan

For Generac generators for sale, installation, repair, and maintenance in Southwest Michigan, including Bloomfield, MI, Oak Electric is your trusted partner. Our team is dedicated to delivering reliable backup power solutions with home generators for sale and business generators. Don't leave your power needs to chance; contact us today for a consultation or any of our generator services. 

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