Oak Electric Installs Big Ass Fans

There are ceiling fans—and then there are Big Ass Fans. Oak Electric is now an installer of Big Ass Fans—the leading manufacturer of huge ceiling fans for large industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential settings.

These meticulously engineered High Volume/Low Speed (HVLS) fans are designed to move a lot of air at a low speed. Moving at a low speed means less energy used for operation, translating into more energy savings and a more comfortable environment year round.

In the summer, they “cool” by increasing evaporative cooling, or, the rate at which perspiration is evaporated from the skin’s surface. In some cases, they  make the surrounding area feel between 8 – 16ºF cooler. In the winter, room temperature in taller spaces can differ as much as 20ºF from floor to ceiling. Big Ass Fans gently distribute the heat trapped at the ceiling down to the floor, causing the heating system to cycle less frequently, reducing heating bills by as much as 30%.

There are over 50,000 Big Ass Fans installed worldwide in applications such as manufacturing plants, distribution centers, horse arenas, dairy barns, stadiums, art galleries, restaurants, health clubs, zoos and homes!

Oak Electric has completed a number of installations of these products for local businesses and the military, including: Mega Fun & Fitness, Global Engine Manufacturing, Planet Fitness, Walmart and Selfridge Air Base.

For more information, visit www.bigassfans.com.

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