Importance of a Generator for Home Health Care Needs

If you are going to care for an ailing loved one in the home, you need to properly prepare the home to ensure all their needs are met. All medical equipment and devices must always be readily available and functioning.

A generator is important when you are caring for an ailing loved one with certain medical needs. The generator keeps machines and equipment working in the case of a power outage. The information here will explain the different needs you may have for a generator during power outages.

Understand the Needs of a Generator for Home Health Care

Many types of medical equipment run on electricity. While some equipment may also have a battery backup, the batteries will only last for a certain amount of time, and, in long power outages, the batteries may not last as long as needed. Here are some important medical devices that must remain running, even during outages.

A continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine assists someone with sleep apnea with their breathing while they sleep. The machine increases the air pressure in their throat, which prevents their airway from collapsing when they inhale.

A person with a variety of medical needs may require constant monitoring of their stats, such as their blood pressure, pulse rate, and glucose levels. These vital monitoring machines require electricity. Someone who needs their stats monitored may also need to be hooked up to an oxygen machine. While some portable oxygen machines run on batteries, full-time use will require the dependability and longevity provided by an electric machine.

An electric hospital bed has a frame that allows you to move the top half of the bed to the sitting position. A bedbound person needs to be put in a sitting position throughout the day to take pressure off certain parts of their body and to help fend off bedsores from constant pressure on a single area. Sitting upright throughout the day also helps fend off other issues that bedridden people are prone to, including pneumonia.

It can be difficult to get a bedbound person to the hospital in a power outage to continue receiving the services they need. In Michigan, a winter storm can be the reason for a power outage, and this can make the roads dangerous to drive on. Having a generator is crucial, as it allows you to continue caring properly for your loved one.

Make Sure Your Generator Is Properly Maintained

Your generator needs to be dependable in a power outage. You’ll need to take certain steps to ensure that your generator will be ready to go right when you need it. These include:

  • Add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel. Do this whether you keep your fuel in the generator or store it elsewhere.
  • Replace the oil in the crankcase after every few uses.
  • Visually inspect the generator to ensure that all nuts and bolts are tight.
  • Look for any damage or rusted components, and have damages repaired immediately.

Check your battery a couple of times a year. Verify that the battery not only runs but is not running low. You can use a battery tester to verify how much life is left in the battery. With Michigan temperatures being what they are in the winter, you’ll want to purchase a battery warmer for your battery. This way, you’ll know that the battery will be kept warm when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

If you need a new generator — or if you need help with your current one — then contact us. We can make sure you have a reliable generator when you need one most.

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