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Incredible Weather Events That Cut Power in Michigan

We’ve all probably experienced a period of time with no electricity, and there’s nothing like a few minutes of life in the dark ages to appreciate all the benefits of electricity. Electricity heats our homes, provides the warmth and security of lights, and powers our electronic gadgets. Electricity keeps our cities and our lives humming. [...]

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Michigan Third in Most Power Outages in 2013

According to power management company Eaton, in 2013 California (for the fifth year running) topped the list of states with the most power outages, followed by Texas and Michigan. Eaton’s Blackout Tracker data is based on a full year of reported power outages across the U.S. and is organized into two sections: an overview of [...]

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Some Facts About the U.S. Electrical Grid

The U.S. electric grid delivers electricity to more than 144 million end-use customers in the United States. Construction of the grid was started in the late 1880s and continues today. About 70 percent of the grid’s transmission lines and power transformers are now over 25 years old; the average age of power plants is over [...]

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