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How Generators Aid in Food Safety

A power outage creates a lot of issues with your home. Not only does your home lose internet, television, and lighting access, but you have to worry about the perishable food items in your refrigerator and freezer. Follow our guide to learn how long you have to protect food and how generators will help you [...]

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4 Benefits of Standby Generators for Home Offices

If you work from home, you have to rely on a lot of your own resources for daily office tasks and needs. Power is often an essential part of your home office use and the only way to have continuous power in the home is with a standby generator installation. Learn about the benefits of [...]

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Lesser-Known Top Reasons to Install a Residential Backup Generator

Do you need a backup generator? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2016, Americans went without power (due to electricity outages) for an average of four hours per year. If you think your home doesn't need backup power, take a look at the reasons to reconsider residential standby generator use. Your Medication Requires [...]

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3 Signs Your Older Home’s Wiring Needs to Be Updated

Older homes can offer a great deal of nostalgia and old-world charm, especially when craftsman details like molding and natural hardwoods are present throughout the property. Unfortunately, some old construction methods can actually be dangerous, such as outdated electrical wiring. Learn three signs that your older home's electrical wiring needs to be updated. 1. GCFI [...]

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3 Steps to Plan for a New Generator

Michigan residents are no strangers to inclement weather. From flooding rainstorms to heavy snows, a variety of weather events can potentially leave your family in the dark. While losing power is never fun or convenient, a generator is a great option to help smooth over those dark days. Planning for a new generator doesn't have [...]

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Benefits of Standby Generators for Pet Owners

When a power outage occurs, many homeowners have multiple concerns. For pet owners, another level of concern and stress gets added to the mix. In an effort to make things stress-free and calm during a power outage, you have the ability to install a standby generator for your home. Not only will the generator help [...]

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4 Incredible Features of a Standby Generator That Simplify Your Life

A home generator is a wise investment that supplies your home and family with essential power if electricity is unavailable. The unique characteristics of a standby generator, in particular, can dramatically enhance your life and remove worry and stress associated with a power outage. Take a closer look at standby generators and four incredible features [...]

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Incredible Weather Events That Cut Power in Michigan

We’ve all probably experienced a period of time with no electricity, and there’s nothing like a few minutes of life in the dark ages to appreciate all the benefits of electricity. Electricity heats our homes, provides the warmth and security of lights, and powers our electronic gadgets. Electricity keeps our cities and our lives humming. [...]

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Should You Choose a Standby or a Portable Generator?

Americans have become more and more dependent on their devices, and said devices run on electricity. What’s more, systems in the house depend on electricity to run. A blackout impacts more than a homeowner’s ability to turn on the lights or television. An extended blackout can cause food in your refrigerator to spoil and make [...]

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Considering Backup Power For Your Business? Generator Basics

As a business owner, backup power is important. If your area experiences an outage without a sufficient alternative power source, it can affect your company's operations negatively. Whether a recent power outage left your company in a rut or you are looking to prevent a potential disaster, a generator is important. If you have never [...]

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