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When Is a Mini-Split System the Right Choice?

You have many options for cooling and heating your home, and while forced-air systems are still considered one of the most effective options, more and more people are choosing alternatives, such as a mini-split system. If you are curious about mini-split systems, check out these reasons one may be the right choice for you. [...]

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3 Facts About Standby-Generator Operation During Power Outages

A standby generator is safer and more reliable than a portable generator during a power outage. Standby generators have transfer switches that constantly monitor the current flowing from your utility. If power from your utility is not adequate or fails entirely, the transfer switch tells the generator to start, then shifts your wiring system to [...]

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Generator Placement Tips for Maximum Efficiency and Security

Where you place your standby power generator determines not only how safe the generator is, but also how efficiently it will serve you. Below are some generator placement tips you should observe. Limit Carbon Monoxide Exposure A conventional generator burns fuel to produce electricity, and carbon monoxide is one of the byproducts of the combustion. [...]

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Importance of a Generator for Home Health Care Needs

If you are going to care for an ailing loved one in the home, you need to properly prepare the home to ensure all their needs are met. All medical equipment and devices must always be readily available and functioning. A generator is important when you are caring for an ailing loved one with certain [...]

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Why Your Convenience Store Needs a Standby Generator

Even though you might know that other convenience stores in the area have standby generators, you might not have purchased one for your own store just yet. However, a commercial-grade standby generator really is a necessity for modern convenience stores.   Prevent Food Products from Spoiling One of the biggest problems that convenience store owners [...]

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3 Electrical Maintenance Tasks Not to Forget This Winter

School is back in session and winter is around the corner, which means snowstorms, cheery family get-togethers, and more of a reliance on indoor power systems. To ensure a fun, trouble-free holiday season, you need to take care of some important things while the weather is still pleasant. Here are three electrical maintenance tasks you [...]

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Smart Energy Saving Ideas To Optimize Generator Fuel Consumption

Standby backup generators are a smart investment for any homeowner looking to stay on top of emergency power outages. For generators powered by natural gas, you will have an adequate supply of fuel for as long as you need. However, with the rising costs of fuel, your energy bill can easily add up if you [...]

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Considerations Your Generac Dealer May Address in Your Consultation

You should schedule a Q&A, fact-finding consultation before ordering a Generac generator. After all, generators aren’t purchases to be made lightly since they are significant investments. First, schedule a time when all the decision makers are home so that everyone is informed and on the same page regarding all the questions, answers, and specs. [...]

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Common Red Flags of an Electrical Fire Not to Ignore

Residential electrical fires are a serious concern. Every year, these fires cause more than one billion dollars in damage and injure over one thousand people. Equally important is the fact that electrical fires are sometimes avoidable. In many instances, early red flags will highlight a concern, but homeowners are either unaware of how to interpret [...]

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Newborn Preparation: 4 Reasons to Purchase a Backup Generator

Newborns bring a lot of changes to your life and especially your home. As you prepare to bring a new baby into your life, multiple things are a given. A crib. A changing table. A car seat. One more thing you should add to the list is a power generator. People have been raising babies [...]

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