Want a Generator? Why You Should Consider One That Uses Natural Gas

Posted on May 17, 2017
Do you live in an area of Michigan that frequently has power outages? If so, you may be looking into getting a generator that will help give you power during those tough times without electricity. With there being so many options, you may be debating between getting a portable generator that requires gasoline to run or a whole-home system that runs off of natural gas. Here are some reasons to use a natural gas model over a portable unit that uses gasoline. The Generator Has Continuous... Read more

5 Maintenance Tasks to Keep Your Backup Generator Running

Posted on May 15, 2017
Owning a backup generator is a sensible move for any homeowner, and if you have made the decision to purchase a generator, then you should feel good about your choice. However, if you want your generator to be ready when you need it, then it is important to remember that backup generators do require some maintenance. There are a variety of important maintenance steps that should be performed on a regular basis to ensure reliable operation. Below are a list of these important items and what... Read more